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What is the soul or spirit?

Soul is a word we use to describe the central or integral part of something; it is the vital core. In its most profound sense, it also describes the essence of every human being. It is that place within each of us that is infinite, eternal, and universal.


Who should explore spiritual coaching in their life?

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions below, then Soul Coaching could be just the solution you’re looking for…

Do you long to discover who you truly are?
Do you long to move through limiting beliefs and show the world all you believe in?
Do you long to discover your soul’s purpose and your place in the world?
Do you long to simplify your life and find a point of calm and contentment?
Do you long to feel truly happy, fulfilled and laugh like there’s no tomorrow?
Have you ever thought that your life is much more complicated than it has to be?


Patti Tucker, Healer

A born and raised Edmontonian, Patti Tucker, was appointed the Edmonton Film Commissioner for Edmonton Economic Development Corporation in January 2001. Patti Tucker was responsible for attracting the “Assassination of Jesse James” starring Brad Pitt and many other Hollywood television and motion picture productions to the City and province of Alberta.

Always passionate, committed and engaged in self discovery it was after completion of a course in Life Principles, based on the writings of Sydney Banks, that Patti began to awaken. It was 2006 that Patti wholeheartedly committed herself to a spiritual path. This intention set forth a series of serendipitous events that included many years of studying the soul, consciousness and ancient wisdom. Following the voice of her soul and a magical story Patti resigned her position as the Edmonton Film Commissioner in November 2009. Read the Edmonton Journal article here.

In 2011 Patti completed an intensive  two year program with  Master Shaman Zsho-Ten of the Pikwãkanagãn Clan, an Algonquin First Nation As such, she has learned many sacred healing ceremonies to assist her clients in bringing about their own emotional and spiritual healing. Patti considers herself blessed to be working with the medicine rites of the 8th fire. Combining her healing gifts Patti’s passion is to mirror back the divine in each person allowing them the sacred space to do the work necessary to awaken and live in peace.

A popular speaker on the soul – Patti facilitates workshops, teaches the 28-day soul journey and does one on one healings. For individual healing sessions or interconnected sessions contact Patti at 780-720-0444.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.





The Four Elements


Mental – The Spirit of Air is the energy of change and transformation, inspiration, aspiration, mental clarity, freedom, perception, communion, and communication.


Emotional – Water traditionally represents the emotional aspect of self. It symbolizes intuition, trust, nurturing, dreams, and innocence.


Spirit – Fire is pure energy and has long been associated with Spirit. The power of fire can maintain life, and it can destroy it. It can purify and transform, and it can annihilate.


Physical – The earth is viewed as the source of all life. It helps purify and balance all physical aspects of your life. Earth also represents wisdom, integration, and consolidation.

The wound is the place the light enters you.

Upcoming Programs

Soulnotes presents:

Soul Spa–
A one day experimental workshop to elevate and illuminate your authentic self.


April 29, 2017

Pura Vida Wellness Center
14920 Stony Plain Road

To register, RSVP to:

Cost $159.00per person


Patti Tucker is also available for inspirational and motivational speaking engagements.

Where there is ruin there is hope for a treasure.



“When I think about Patti Tucker, one thought comes to the forefront of my mind: Divine Grace. That’s Patti and who she is. It’s how she lives her life and interacts with others in this world. Sounds like a big responsibility, doesn’t it? It is. And, it’s one that Patti doesn’t take lightly. She lives and breathes positivity, love, and warmth. Patti embodies healing and love in herself and others, allowing the process to unfold without judgement and with dignity, grace, and love. Blessed to know you.”

Beth Harding


“Over the last decade I’ve watched first hand as Patti has generously made it her mission to help people from all walks of life enlarge their hearts and elevate their souls. Her work reminds us that we are all on a divine journey to make the lives of all people better.”

Michael Jorgensen – Emmy award-winning producer


“I am so amazed by your balance of strength and compassion. It is a beautiful energy!”

Diane Frenchie


“Patti has the generosity of heart, the depth of inner-work, and the attentive courage of spirit that marks the true healer / teacher. When you meet someone with this level of humanness given to soul, you know you are with someone who will shine a light on your own inner truth and way. I recommend Patti and her soul-weaving light with my fullest regard and whole-hearted YES!”

Ronda LaRue, M.S. – Soul Arts


“Patti Tucker is a remarkable and compassionate soul coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for dissevering your soul’s truth.”

Denise Linn, Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching


“Patti’s 28-day program was everything I could have asked for and more. I could have never imagined the gifts that I received and serendipitous events that occurred through this 28-day journey. Patti has given me the tools to live a life of authenticity and has taught me how to hear the whisperings of my soul.”

Lindsay Harrison


“Motivating, inspiring, enlightening… Patti Tucker is an angel on earth!”

Crystal DeCosta

A String of Pearls

“Flowing tranquil words that mesmerize into a spiritual journey of a life memoir. The chapters flow one into another and the beginning of a new life that will move into eternity. Patti’s life is real truth. That we can go through diversity and come out with a new plan and a new direction. A true test to the human life. But with great love and acceptance.”

“Memoir with a spiritual twist!”
5 out of 5 stars

“Patti and Benita beautifully intertwined this memoir with prompts/lessons for your soul. It’s powerful, it’s honest and it is almost impossible to put down. Definitely a must read for anyone who is looking for a way to see life through an enlightened lens of LOVE! This is one spiritual handbook you want on your nightstand.”

“Wow! This book is nothing short of amazing- I was immersed in the story from beginning to end. I will be forever changed by A String of Pearls! For anyone who is searching and yearning for a life of authenticity, happiness and love but is unsure of how to get there must read this book. Patti’s ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ dispersed throughout the book will speak straight into your soul- and you will find yourself saying out loud ‘Yes, of course’! Patti’s journey to enlightenment will ignite a fire in your own heart and like a pearl from her book ‘Allow your path to unfold. You come to earth with a purpose. YOU are the gift. Discover it. Experience it. Express it.'”

“I loved reading Patti’s fascinating journey from lost soul to triumphant healing practitioner. I think that everyone can relate to feeling unsure of what steps to take in life, and feeling a little bit lost, especially when things don’t turn out the way you think they are going to. I read this book in two days because I couldn’t wait to see how Patti’s life was going to evolve. I really enjoyed learning about her transformation. It is well worth a read.”

“Nuggets of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the book as she shares the captivating details of her quest to find true happiness.”
5 out of 5 stars

“Patti’s memoir is authentic, inspiring, raw and intriguing. Nuggets of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the book as she shares the captivating details of her quest to find true happiness. It’s a must read for all who seek truth, love and joy.”

“It is easy to feel the intention and energy of this book”
5 out of 5 stars

“A String of Pearls immerses the reader in an authentic experience that is written with heart and soul. The more I read, the more I was hooked. It is easy to feel the intention and energy of this book – to serve and help others. A must read.”

“This book is so easy to read and speaks of not only the author’s experience but lots of people’s experiences. The author was genuine and honest in telling her story. Beautiful book. Well done.”

Where there is ruin there is hope for a treasure.


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